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Glee coverage “City of Angels” aired March 11, 14, special guest appearance, Joanna Rohrback

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We Talked to the Prancercise Lady and She Is Awesome


Joanna Loves Pistachios

Joanna Loves Wonderful Pistachios – They’re Healthy Snacks!

Watch the Prancercise lady Get Crackin’ with Joanna Rohrback and Wonderful Pistachios. View the Press Release.

Joanna with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Joanna Meets the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Joanna shot a video with the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders for a Halftime Segment.


Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.12.43 AMWGN Anchors learn to Prancercise with the Founder Herself

Chicago WGN

Joanna stopped by the Chicago WGN studio and taught Larry, Robin, Paul, and Pat how to Prancercise. They ended up Prancercising around the newsroom! View the Video.

Joanna teaches Prancercise to Daniel Tosh and Tosh.O Crew.

“Guys, if you don’t Prancercise you’re Prancer-fired.”

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Joanna Comments on “Paper Doll” video:

First of all I would like you to know this video I did for John Mayer does not represent Advanced Prancercise® because I never invented that…secondly the guy in it Jarred is no relationship to me I have no idea why they gave him my last name…thirdly I never made up those opening lines they were given to me last minute at the shoot, I like the song like most of you, but don’t think much of the finished video either, I feel it doesn’t properly represent me or my program…