Get Spring-Time Off the Ground as you spring into Prancercise®!!

Prancercise® tips for getting in shape this year!


1. Whatever mood you are in go with it and use the music that your mood desires, to get you moving..This is all a part of self-expression and connecting with your inner rhythm an integral part of Prancercise®..By not standing in front of a video or class instructor and imitating others you can work through whatever mood you’re in instead of using their moves, with their music ,and their routine…



2. Find different locations to Prancercise® to stimulate your senses and mood..I’ve utilized everywhere from cornfields to mountains..Each place embodies it’s own smells and scenery to embellish your fitness recess..



3.Think of being light and eating light…Embracing a higher consciousness which is reinforced by eating light (such as vegetarianism) and thinking positively are wonderful ways to get the most out of this program..I am able to spring off the ground with ease..such a great feeling and way to keep fit, as we enjoy the benefits of the warming spring- time weather..


Prancercise® is a light-hearted fun exercise that’s gotten international recognition for it’s depth, uniqueness and effectiveness..It get’s us moving without effort because it’s simple, not overly challenging, and fun..It’s even recently been highlighted as a question on the popular game shows “Jeopardy” (April 2, 2014), and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” (June 6, 2014).

The Prancercise® program is a serious legitimate one that’s being embraced by thousands all over the world, you too can join in the excitement : You can leave comments or ask questions here or join the conversation on Joanna Rohrback’s facebook page. You may also stop by her facebook Prancercise® page..

Enjoy your day the Prancercise® way!

Please feel free to leave comments about your own unique fitness experiences..Also questions concerning the Prancercise® program are welcome..
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