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What movements are inherent in the exercise Prancercise®?

How many forms of Prancerise are there?

What Greek statesman trained horses through love and positive conditioning???

What form of movement of the 16th century may have had characteristics of Prancercise®?*

What did Isadora Duncan do with dance that Joanna Rohrback wishes to do with fitness?

What type of music is best to Prancercise to?

What conversational practices did Isadora Duncan Shun??

What is the theory underlying detachment held by the Greek and Roman Sophists as to why it prevents depression?

Becoming “one” with the music you use to Prancercise to is like?

What amount of sustained aerobic activity is necessary for the most beneficial mental and physical benefits?*

What are characteristics of a Cancer Patient?

How is it first best to deal with a moderate strain?*

How are strains different than sprains?

How is standard poultry produce?

Who of the following were vegetarians?*

What dangerous additives are given to our livestock?*

What foods cannot be fed to a horse?

What happens without proper rest and nutrition?

What % of a Hunza’s diet (known for longevity) is meat and dairy?

What characteristics lend us to violent& or bullying tendencies?

What is the greatest single benefit from a Prancercise®program besides physical fitness?*

How much warm up is generally needed before Prancercise® or any exertive exercise?

How many work outs a week are necessary to maintain a level of fitness?

What benefits result from a complete Prancercise® program(exercise, diet, philosophy)?

What are the 4 steps necessary to be a Prancercise®representative?*

How must the word Prancercise® always be displayed and written;*

The book (work) Prancercise®:The Art ofPhysical and Spiritual Excellence was first copyright in 1994?

Once licensed as a Prancercise® representative you are allowed to hold seminars and lecture large groups?

The trademark offices provide Joanna Rohrback and Prancercise LLC the legal means for protecting consumers,licensees,distributors and my company from imitation and infringement of counterfeit products or programs?

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Give a Cheer, Certification is Finally Here!

Red-Certified-stamp_SmallDon’t be coy, let’s spread the joy! Check for the details here on my site, no need to be uptight…I’ll help you do it right!

By the way for those local to me my first certification class will very soon be …In Del Ray Beach Fl. on November 14t,h very helpful to certification, so take advantage if you can, or even just greet me as a fan! Here you go…

( prancercise@yahoo.com)…email me  for what you’ll need to know.

Also to my glee, just finished an interview for European T.V. Yes Prancercise® is noble, as it goes strikingly global!

Since my previous blog more heads are giving me the nod…Here’s another one showing how Prancercise®goes way beyond just fun!




So as I always say:

“Enjoy Each Day the Prancercise® Way!”