babylaughAS Prancercise® diffuses itself from raised eyebrows to furrowed brows fitness experts and coaches continue to tout it’s merits. In a recent article Don Winfield takes a jab at lazy computer trolls that spend too much time mocking videos like the Prancercise® ones and little or no time on their own fitness image…it’s likely this 63 year old gal is in far better shape than they were even as far back as a preteen!


SouthParkBack in April I did a podcast for Susan Brender where I’m able to explain the additional dimensions that can be derived from a Prancercise® program than mere physical benefits.  The program allows one the opportunity through more self- expression to get in better touch with their true selves and thus be a vehicle to find one’s true purpose in life, what you’re best designed for, and can be passionate about.


SusanBrenderYes my bet is Prancercise® is a type of art in that it incorporates more self-expression, it’s a type of recess from “working out” before or after you actually go to a job. It’s lightness entering an era of darkness…in a world that stresses muscular, heavy, dark regimes, dark music and even a propensity towards violence, Prancercise® is a lamp in the darkness, encouraging lightness of body, mind and spirit, light energy that pierces the darkness.

With Love,

Joanna Rohrback


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