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You Can Prance If You Want To

In 1989, outfitted with ankle weights and listening to her Walkman, Joanna Rohrback discovered her passion. Instead of doing a straight-ahead power-walk, she let her body move with a slight sashay to the music from her headphones and, as she felt the extra stretch in her arms and legs, realized that she had discovered something new...(read more)

Joanna Loves Wonderful Pistachios - They're Healthy Snacks!

Watch the Prancercise lady Get Crackin' with Joanna Rohrback and Wonderful Pistachios.
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Joanna Loves Pistachios

Joanna Meets the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Joanna shot a video with the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders for a Halftime Segment.

Shooting with the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders
— Joanna Rohrback (@prancercise)
September 10, 2013