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inside editionWe are happy to showcase our new Preferred Membership this allows you the opportunity to become a Prancercise® Representative and Instructor. This is a exciting opportunity and allows you to really make Prancercise a Fitness Revolution in your community.Here Is How it Works!!!!!1) Fill out the enrollment form and make a payment of $75.00

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     Purchase and read Prancercise® : The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence3) Then we will send a link to a Questionnaire that must be completed correctly4) After successfully passing the questionnaire you will submit short clips demonstrating you doing each of the 4 modes of Prancercise®with the aid of the book and a minimum of 15 minutes of purchased coaching.The coaching can be done by phone or email.5) Then a Licensing Agreement will be sent that must be completed and returned to Prancercise LLCOnce everything is completed successfully you will become a Prancercise® Representative and Instructor. Your certification will continue every year that you pay your annual dues for Preferred membership  and any other additional licensing fees, if required,at the time.

    If either party (Joanna Rohrback & Prancercise LLC or the member involved), decides to cancel the membership, they must submit there cancellation in writing with a reason stated. Any cancellation will not be eligible for a refund. 

    (If you have any questions about the above please contact Joanna so she can assist you in fulfilling the requirements to become a Certified Representative.)



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