Weight is definitely linked to greater probability of disease and a shorter life span when media spin and error –ridden studies are put aside

thin woman

More specifically it’s been found that 1 in 5 cases of cancer can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle changes. Not only prevent cancer and a host of diseases but also can substantially reduce the cancer mortality rates. More specifically 10 to 45% reduction in cancer incidence and 19 to 60 % reduction in mortality.

Dr. Linsey Kohler and her colleagues at the University of Arizonia studied low to high guidance to dietary, exercise and lifestyle guideline changes. They found that the stricter adherence to the guidelines the greater the results. This study was supported by a grant from National Cancer institute Cancer Center.

In skewed studies inundated with errors they found slightly overweight adults on average had a longevity advantage. What they left out was that their sample included a large # of thin people who had health issues related to smoking and health issues prompting their weight loss. Of course the media loved the skewed information and ran with it creating misconception like the study did.

The findings gathered by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) epidemiologist Katharine Flegal a senior scientist at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics was published
in January of 2013, when the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a meta-analysis of 100 studies that probed the relationship between body mass index and mortality —

However in Ms.Flegal’s flawed studies the selection criteria that Flegal used for her meta-analysis ruled out high-quality studies of 6 million people (more than twice as many as were represented in her analysis), Frank Hu, HSPH(Harvard School of Public Health) professor of nutrition and epidemiology and HMS professor of medicine, was part of a panel of experts put together to review Flegal’s questionable findings. “When something sounds too good to be true, it’s usually not true,” said Frank Hu.

“These studies, in aggregate, show that the highest survival rates are in normal weight people, not the overweight”, Hu said.
The studies that Flegal did use included many samples of people who were chronically ill, current smokers and elderly, according to Hu. These factors are associated with weight loss and increased mortality.

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A BMI [body mass index] in the range of 20 to 23 may be optimal for reducing premature mortality in adulthood,” said lead researcher Dagfinn Aune, from the department of epidemiology and biostatistics at the School of Public Health at Imperial College London, in England.

BMI can be determined by taking your ht. in inches and multiplying it by itself…Then taking your weight in lbs. and dividing it by the total of your Ht.xHt. Finally take that figure and multiply it by 703 and you will find your BMI. The ranges being 18.5-24.99 normal range, 25-29.99 overweight, and 30 and up obese.


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In an alarming study “between 45 percent and 61 percent of top male CEOs are overweight (BMI between 25 and 29)” but “only 5 percent – 22 percent of top female CEOs were overweight.” Stated the researchers, “This reflects a greater tolerance and possibly even a preference for a larger size among men but a smaller size among women.”
“A woman’s weight could have a significant impact on her earnings with “heavy” and “very heavy” women earning between $9,000 and $19,000 less than their “average” weight counterparts research has found.”

Although standards of beauty can evolve over time it is hard-pressed for the media to convince us that fat is as appealing as thin.
Thin will always be in, for simple reasons.
Thin people are rarer and that is one component to desirability. They are more likely to excel in athletics…
As we’ve evolved we no longer are looked at as reproductive vehicles or having access to more food. Our anscestors may have seemed desirable if heavier, for that reason.

But over the last years, researchers have looked carefully at these so-called age related problems and come to the conclusion:
As much as 75% of chronic diseases are lifestyle related. You needn’t fail and be hunched backed with muscle atrophy as you age. Many gerentologists believe that you can maintain the body that you have in your 40’s into your 90’s if you work at it.
Look at Ernestine Shepherd at 80! No doubt genes must help!


Ernestine Shepherd

Yes it’s true as we age maintaining a favorable weight is harder but once you find the right formula like I have with Prancercise®,  hold tight to it… for your life and quality of it certainly depends on it!



With everyone being so damn sensitive these days, I’m afraid this isn’t going to stop. It’s as if we’ve just given up. “Hey, I’m overweight and unhealthy, but so are a lot of other people so, you know, oh well.”
The media certainly has contributed to this self-acceptance of your less than best self image as seen in a number of ways..
Look at the dolls they’ve reconstructed like Barbie and Ken dolls they now are including heavy overweight balding Ken dolls and hefty Barbies. I ask you when growing up if you wanted a doll, would go out and purchase one in your own image? I wouldn’t have, I could of just looked in the mirror for that matter! In my opinion dolls should be look more glamorous so that you have an image to aspire to and fantasize about…



ken dolls


Molly Galbraith who became popular for her tribute to self-acceptance, apparently flaunting a heavy looking pose of herself in a bathing suit, did nothing to convince me she wouldn’t of preferred a lighter weight if she wouldn’t have to give up ice cream and the like as she suggested…I don’t desire ice cream and the like, not only because it’s a lot of unhealthy calories, but of course it sabotages the ability to keep our ideal weight.


There’s Ashley Graham recently on the cover of Sports Illustrated she stated:

“ I thought Sports Illustrated was taking a risk by putting a girl my size in the pages,” Graham said. “But putting me on the cover? They aren’t just breaking barriers; they are the standard now. This is beyond epic.” I really find that stretching the imagination Ashley, this will never be my standardand I doubt and hope it will never be the standard for the majority of us out there.
“I want to dedicate it to all of the women out there who never felt that they were beautiful enough, who never felt like they were skinny enough, and who never felt like they were going to be able to be represented in society like this,” Graham said. “Because now we’re being represented.”with that little insight she amusingly continues “I’m gonna go eat a burger,” Graham said. “I am so hungry. You have no idea. I want a burger and fries.”
Like I said, I will never take her body for a standard and certainly not her diet! What a warped message she dictates in my opinion, that I can only see burger havens like McDonald’s and it’s customers applauding!

I suspect Cheryl Tiegs the renown classic model aligns with my thinking as well, here she criticized Ashley in a yahoo article which also includes a cover picture of Cheryl on Sports Illustrated years back.

cheryl and ashley

Accepting your less than ideal weight and health, which usually goes along with it, is nothing more than a cop out, in my opinion. I’m not talking about plastic surgery another cope out too often, unless absolutely necessary…I’m talking about people that may not be lazy in the sense of being super parents and providers and workaholics but that put their true image and health on the back burner. Some people just hate to exercise and or change their eating habits in the belief it would be a sacrifice to their familiar and maybe comfortable known existence. However like any bad habit it can slowing make us slaves to a less than happy self-image and declining health. The longer a person accepts the lifestyle that lends itself to a tarnished existence the harder it is to change for the better.
The mistake most people make is to just embrace weight loss alone reaching for supplements, pills and less than perfect fad diets that can actually add to imbalances in the body eventually causing additional concerns.
Exercise should be daily in my opinion, and not an exhaustive workout that a person will burn out on, too soon. This way it becomes as important as washing your teeth or making your bed or feeding your pet each day, a necessity that’s doable. Food consumption, closest to what’s natural and unprocessed and not overly stimulating, is usually best. If you eat first for nutrition , secondly for satiation, and finally for pleasure ,you will inevitably change your destiny to achieve a more ideal state of health, body image, and subsequent happiness.
As always I can sincerely recommend my Prancercise® Program when I follow it religiously it hasn’t failed me yet!  Joanna



babylaughAS Prancercise® diffuses itself from raised eyebrows to furrowed brows fitness experts and coaches continue to tout it’s merits. In a recent article Don Winfield takes a jab at lazy computer trolls that spend too much time mocking videos like the Prancercise® ones and little or no time on their own fitness image…it’s likely this 63 year old gal is in far better shape than they were even as far back as a preteen!

SouthParkBack in April I did a podcast for Susan Brender where I’m able to explain the additional dimensions that can be derived from a Prancercise® program than mere physical benefits.  The program allows one the opportunity through more self- expression to get in better touch with their true selves and thus be a vehicle to find one’s true purpose in life, what you’re best designed for, and can be passionate about.

SusanBrenderYes my bet is Prancercise® is a type of art in that it incorporates more self-expression, it’s a type of recess from “working out” before or after you actually go to a job. It’s lightness entering an era of darkness…in a world that stresses muscular, heavy, dark regimes, dark music and even a propensity towards violence, Prancercise® is a lamp in the darkness, encouraging lightness of body, mind and spirit, light energy that pierces the darkness.

With Love,

Joanna Rohrback


Changing the course of fitness forever!

The modern Horse (Equus) a perfect Model of Fitness:

should be honored and protected, not abused. The horse might be considered the perfect model of fitness…No wonder people are so caught up in it’s radiant beauty. It’s not only a vegetarian, it’s inherently strong and has great endurance.

“Horses are herbivores with a digestive system adapted to a forage diet of grasses and other plant material, consumed steadily throughout the day. Therefore, compared to humans, they have a relatively small stomach but very long intestines to facilitate a steady flow of nutrients. A 450-kilogram (990 lb) horse will eat 7 to 11 kilograms (15 to 24 lb) of food per day and, under normal use, drink 38 litres (8.4 imp gal; 10 US gal) to 45 litres (9.9 imp gal; 12 US gal) of water. Horses are not ruminants, so they have only one stomach, like humans, but unlike humans, they can digest cellulose, a major component of grass. Cellulose digestion occurs in the cecum, or “water gut”, which food goes through before reaching the large intestine. Horses cannot vomit, so digestion problems can quickly cause colic, a leading cause of death.” (Giffin Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook p. 175)

Some foods that horses cannot eat are avocados and nuts, for example

The small amount of fat they may take in can be easily dealt with by their liver, they do not have a gall bladder since their diet isn’t meant to be high in calories or fats…

Horses were thus used as work assistants on farms for uses like plowing the fields or carting equipment. It’s common knowledge they were used throughout history for transportation from recreational to carriage pulling.

Although the horse is still used for such purposes, it is my belief that although it may be fun or sentimental or readily available to do so, why not let go of this forceful approach to these beautiful creatures? Why not allow them the freedom to demonstrate the inherent beauty that is rightfully theirs moving without force and hardship, since we now have the ability to use vehicles and machinery instead? The real beauty of this animal can be seen in the running of wild horses like on sanctuaries such as
It is my preference to run with or beside an animal, than to force my will on that creature…Like you can with a dog in a doggie park or a fenced yard.. Movement by an animal you are forcing in the way you desire, is anything but beautiful and natural, in my eyes..Can we force ourselves to love some one? If a cold metal bit was put in our mouths and and reins forcing the direction we are to move in ..and a saddle with a person’s weight in it with stirrups for a person’s heels to kick us into doing what that person wants would we feel?

I’ve fulfilled several dreams of mine amongst them was sharing Prancercise with the world..Another one was moving like a horse, along side one…I honor all of God’s creatures, and what better way to do so then to marvel at their free movement, and if possible, join with them in it!

Get Spring-Time Off the Ground as you spring into Prancercise®!!

Prancercise® tips for getting in shape this year!


1. Whatever mood you are in go with it and use the music that your mood desires, to get you moving..This is all a part of self-expression and connecting with your inner rhythm an integral part of Prancercise®..By not standing in front of a video or class instructor and imitating others you can work through whatever mood you’re in instead of using their moves, with their music ,and their routine…



2. Find different locations to Prancercise® to stimulate your senses and mood..I’ve utilized everywhere from cornfields to mountains..Each place embodies it’s own smells and scenery to embellish your fitness recess..



3.Think of being light and eating light…Embracing a higher consciousness which is reinforced by eating light (such as vegetarianism) and thinking positively are wonderful ways to get the most out of this program..I am able to spring off the ground with ease..such a great feeling and way to keep fit, as we enjoy the benefits of the warming spring- time weather..


Prancercise® is a light-hearted fun exercise that’s gotten international recognition for it’s depth, uniqueness and effectiveness..It get’s us moving without effort because it’s simple, not overly challenging, and fun..It’s even recently been highlighted as a question on the popular game shows “Jeopardy” (April 2, 2014), and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” (June 6, 2014).

The Prancercise® program is a serious legitimate one that’s being embraced by thousands all over the world, you too can join in the excitement : You can leave comments or ask questions here or join the conversation on Joanna Rohrback’s facebook page. You may also stop by her facebook Prancercise® page..

Enjoy your day the Prancercise® way!

Please feel free to leave comments about your own unique fitness experiences..Also questions concerning the Prancercise® program are welcome..
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2014 Year of the Horse and Prancercise®

The New Year has passed in a sea of fireworks and whistles. While we rotate 365 days a year around the sun under the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese calendar runs under a different celestial being – the moon. January 31st will begin a new lunar phase and ring in the Chinese New Year as the Year of the Horse. Surely, it will be a perfect year to Prancercise ®.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.52.33 PMAs the horse stands tall this year, we have a lot to look forward to in terms of surprises. According to the zodiac we can look forward to unexpected adventures, romances and victories for those who swiftly take flight, like the horse, and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. It’s a good year to travel and get off the beaten path.

Energy will be high, meaning this year is the perfect year to put those fitness goals into action. Perhaps the Prancercise ® gallop will be the answer to reigning in all that energy.

According to Wikipedia, 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse.

“In Chinese Taoist thought, Wood attributes are considered to be strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. It is also associated with qualities of warmth, generosity, co-operation and idealism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious. The wood element is one that seeks ways to grow and expand. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood needs moisture to thrive.”

With Canada already introducing horse-themed postage stamps, clothing brand DKNY releasing an equine collection and Armani Exchange shelving a Year of the Horse t-shirt, the world is forecasted to be catching hay-fever over the roan-trend. At Prancercise LLC we like to think we’re ahead of the times, trotting ahead of the parade in typical Prancercise ® fashion.

JoannaJoanna will be joining a motivational radio interview on this concept and her insights with Change Already radio host, Jillian Maas Backman.
which airs Thursday 1/23/14:Joanna Rohrback

Joanna hopes to utilize her growing creative energy this year with a new video and perhaps a very light-hearted book publication. Like a wood horse reflects strength and flexibility, Joanna in her Prancercise® program promotes the same through stretching, such as yoga (can be looked up on YouTube under Prancercise® yoga, or CLICK HERE) for flexibility, strength and endurance through the 4 modes of Prancercise® themselves.

As outlined in the following article Robert Forester points out the advantages of a Prancercise® type movement versus typical running. This article was written prior to Prancercise® being known by the majority of the public, though Prancercise® was created long before this article was written in 1989.

The Nature and Nurture of Running For Fitness
So why not tap into your energy and get off the usual path you take which is likely over-beaten, and cultivate dreams and goals you may have filed away…don’t wait!

As Buddha said, “The trouble is you think you have time.”

YouTube Rewind 2013 – Prancercise® Always

Its been a big year for Prancercise® LLC. Since the initial YouTube viral video craze of May, to music videos, commercials and a lot of network airtime, it’s safe to say we have reason to celebrate as we gallop into 2014.

Recently, Prancercise® owner and founder, Joanna Rohrback, accepted an exclusive invite by YouTube to take part in their video mash-up of 2013.

“To celebrate 2013, we invited some YouTubers to star in a mashup of popular moments this year. Can you spot all the references?” says YouTube Spotlight in its video caption.

Joanna can be found leading her trademark horse-inspired moves to a line of Robin Thicke-esque dancers before all 60 YouTube stars break out into the Harlem Shake.

Yes, this year has been a whirlwind.

“This past year has introduced me to the hypercritical life a celebrity experiences…the groundswell of joy and fun I’ve obviously been able to deliver to masses of people…autographs, pictures with me and hugs,” gushes Joanna as she reflects.

Through all the attention she remains humble and optimistic as the dust begins to settle. “The future holds a host of possibilities. On the horizon some possibilities are a reality show, my own studio to teach classes and, ideally, franchises.”

As the Prancercise® team and network begins to form together we ask you to also reflect back on your year in 2013. Get out in nature, meditate, be thankful for your body and get it moving. Get out there and start to learn how to Prancercise®, the book and short video are a good place to start until we can offer more instruction! Don’t worry what people might think, because essentially your own well-being is reflective of you.

Take it from Joanna herself. “Let them laugh,” she says, “Who would pay attention to a boring, average, everyday video? I am so glad…I have my confidence.”

Types of Strength Training: Pros and Cons

What type of exercises cause the most injuries? It has been shown that weight training causes a hefty portion of sports injuries and some can be permanent. There is very little need to do more than isometrics and isotonics for muscle tone unless your dream is to be a competitive body builder or you’re sold on a very muscular “Macho” image. Flexibility derived from exercises like yoga and swimming, and aerobic exercises like Prancercise®combined with spot isometric and isotonic exercises, can give a person a well-rounded and fit body. I personally use light ankle/wrist weights during Prancercise® and during my pre and post preparation for it.