Give a Cheer, Certification is Finally Here!

Red-Certified-stamp_SmallDon’t be coy, let’s spread the joy! Check for the details here on my site, no need to be uptight…I’ll help you do it right!

By the way for those local to me my first certification class will very soon be …In Del Ray Beach Fl. on November 14t,h very helpful to certification, so take advantage if you can, or even just greet me as a fan! Here you go…

(…email me  for what you’ll need to know.

Also to my glee, just finished an interview for European T.V. Yes Prancercise® is noble, as it goes strikingly global!

Since my previous blog more heads are giving me the nod…Here’s another one showing how Prancercise®goes way beyond just fun!



So as I always say:

“Enjoy Each Day the Prancercise® Way!”




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